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Following the Law 34/2002 established the 11th de July, 2002, which establishes the guidelines for business and services through electronic commerce, hereby is the general information of operation for this website:
  • Tital Holder: Flats By Days, S.L.
  • Adress: Rbla. Sant Josep, nº 88-94 2º D; 08002 BARCELONA
  • Contact: david@flatsbydays.com.
  • Registration: Registro Mercantil de Barcelona, Tomo 35713, Folio 195, Hoja B263957, Inscripción.
  • NIF: B-63.235.105.
  • Tourist Business #: REAT: EB-00083

Access to the page attributes the condition of USER, who accepts the following general conditions, as well as any notes to be added that may change, complement, or substitute the general conditions.


The user is obliged to respect the current legislation, specifically stating that use of the Website for illicit or damaging means are prohibited for Flats By Days, S.L. or third parties or anyone who may use the Website with the intent to cause damage or prejudice in the normal funcioning of the Website.

With respect to the contents (texts, photographs, maps, design, etc) the following is prohibited:
  • Any reproduction, distribution, or modification without the express written consent of Flats By Days, S.L
  • Any violation of the rights of Flats By Days, S.L. or their title holders.
  • Any unauthorized use of the contents for commercial reasons.

The user of the Website shall be solely responsible for their usage of the Website while visiting the Website Flats By Days, S.L. reserves the right to deny in any moment and without previous warning, the acces to the Website to those who do not follow the general conditions.


Flats By Days, S.L. may modify in any moment, without previous warning, the design as well as the services offered by the Website.


Anyone who desires to create a link, must follow the following conditions:
  • The reproduction of any of the services offered is not permitted.
  • The establishment of deep links, IME links nor image links, nor frames without the express written consent of Flats By Days, S.L. is not permitted.
  • The creation of false information about the services offered by the Website or the company are not permitted.
  • With the exception of Hyper link signs, Flats By Days, S.L. does not permit the use of alternative signs, brands, labels, slogans or the like with out express written consent from Flats By Days, S.L.
  • The establishment of hyper links does not presume nor imply the existence of any relationship between Flats By Days, S.L. and the tital holder of that page or portal, nor its contents, nor its services offered, and it is understood that Flats By Days, S.L. will not ever be responsible for the contents, information, or services to be found on any other hyper link.
  • In the case by which Flats By Days, S.L. displays links or connections to other pages for its users, the only intended function will be that of facilitating the search of the users of www.flatsbydays.com without suggestion or recommendation, therefore dissolving Flats By Days, S.L. and their personnel from any responsibility of their use, contents, services offered, or information provided.

Flats By Days, S.L. or their related members,retain or may retain through various formulas, personal information provided by their users for their records in respect to their use of this website. The personal information provided will be stored and treated in the following manner as promised by Flats By Days, S.L.:
  • Confidential treatment of the user's personal data, revealing the information only when required to do so by Law or by a public office fully in line with its public functions.
  • Adopt the appropriate methods to avoid any alteration, loss, or uauthorized treatment of the user's personal data, by any entity other than Flats By Days, S.L., in the case that there is a failure in the security measures already in place.
  • The user would be responsible for any damage that could occur to Flats By Days, S.L in the event that the information provided is not authentic.
  • In order to access determined services offered in the Webpage, the user should be registered under a formula provided by the General Registrar. All of the information priovided by the user will b treated by Flats By Days, S.L. as established in the Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13, 1999(Ley Orgánica 15/1999, de 13 de diciembre), for the protection of peresonal information and the guidelines established for growth and incorporated in an automatic listing by Flats By Days, S.L.

Flats By Days, S.L. does not guarentee nor is to be held responsible, in any case, for the damage or loss that could be caused by the following:
  • The lack of availablity, maintenance, or effective funtion of the Website, or of its services or content.
  • The lack of usefulness or validity of the Website, or of its services or content in satisfying the needs or concrete activities or expectations of its users.
  • The infiltration of viruses or harmful programs in its contents.
  • The reception, storage, sharing, obtaining, or transmission, by the users, of the contents.
  • The wrongful use or illegal use in contrary to the General Conditions.
  • The lack of quality or reliability of the services offered by third parties and made available to the user of the Website.
  • The failure to comply by third parties in their obligations and promises related to the services offered to the user through the Website.

The duration of the services offered by the Website is of indefinite character.

Flats By Days, S.L. reserves teh right to interrupt, suspend, or terminate the services offered by the Website or any of those related to its function.


In the case that any user should consider that his/her rights have been infringed or violated, through the introduction of a determined content in the Website and with the intent to preserve possible intellectual property rights, the infringed should inform Flats By Days, S.L. providing the following information:
  • Personal data of the titled interested party whose rights have been infringed. In the case that the claim is made by someone other than the person affected, their representative should be made kown to Flats By Days S.L.
  • Indication of the protected contents by the intellectual property laws and the location of those on the Website.
  • Accreditation of the cited intellectual property rights.
  • · Expressed declaration in which the interested party is responsible for the veracity of the information provided.
The legal responsibility for intellectual property rights or corresponding industrial rights brought by thrid parties is their own exclusive responsibilty.


The stated General Conditions for the Website are governed by Spanish Legislation.
Flats By Days, S.L. and the user, with expressed denial to any other tribunal that may correspond, agree to present any problem to the Jurisdiction of the Judges and Tribunal of the home base for the user for whatever necessary questioning or actions that may be necessary deriving from the offer of services in the Webpage, its contents and the interpretation, application, compliance or lack of compliance of what is hereby established. In the case that the user has his/her home outside of Spain, Flats By Days, S.L and the user, expressly denouncing any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them, agree to submit to the Jurisdiction of the Judges and Tribunal of the city of Barcelona.