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Manuel Senillosa graciously welcome all visitors to www.flatsbydays.com We are at your full disposition to help you. Have a wonderful stay in Barcelona!
Borrowing from ten years of real estate experience, Flats by Days has carefully selected their apartments by the following criteria:
  • Proximity to touristic points of interest with the majority of the apartments actually located in the city's historic center with access to the public transport.
  • Buildings and apartments in close proximity offering comfort while carefully retaining the aestetics and architectural characteristics of the historic city center..
  • Multi-functional apartments acommodating various quantities of guests without compromising comfort.
Born from our own enthusiasm for travel and experience in finding lodging, we offer a website that is both easy to navigate and replete with the information that a traveler needs to make swift and accurate lodging decisions. In closing, we would greatly appreciate any feedback about our website or services; we consider all complaints and suggestions a new opportunity for improvement.
See you soon in Barcelona!

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